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Oral Cancer. Are You At Risk? Thumbnail

Oral Cancer. Are You At Risk?

Close to 42,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral and pharyngeal cancer this year and 7900 will die.  As much as 5% of all cancer occurs in the head and neck and as much as 85% of that occurs in the oral cavity. Tobacco and alcohol remain the highest risk factors for developing this type of cancer, with a 30-fold increase in risk if you use tobacco and alcohol together.  The most common

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Cancer From A Root Canal? Thumbnail

Cancer From A Root Canal?

WILL ROOT CANAL TREATMENT GIVE ME CANCER?! There is an article that has surfaced on social media again recently regarding the safety of root canal procedures. The article blames root canals for degenerative diseases and even cancer.  The information is based on a study from the 1920's by Dr. Weston Price.  By the 1930's his research methods were discredited by well-designed, more modern s

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Children’s Dental Health Month Thumbnail

Children’s Dental Health Month

DID YOU KNOW THAT FEBRUARY IS NATIONAL CHILDREN'S DENTAL HEALTH MONTH? The American Dental Association uses this month as an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of good oral health at a young age. According to the CDC, tooth decay is the number one chronic disease of childhood. If it's not treated in a timely manner, your child could end up in the hospital or even worse, it can

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The Risks of Certain Drugs for Women Thumbnail

The Risks of Certain Drugs for Women

ADULT WOMEN BEWARE! Have you been prescribed any medication for bone health? Are you considering major dental treatment that involves moving or removing teeth? You need to read this! Millions of people are currently taking oral bisphosphonates (BPs), a drug that addresses weakened bone structure, due to osteoporosis or osteopenia. Weakened bone structure is the result of the activity of bo

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Wind City Dental Gives Back All Year Long Thumbnail

Wind City Dental Gives Back All Year Long

  As 2013 draws to a close, it is nice to reflect on the past year and see what we have done to make a positive impact in our community. Throughout the year, we are approached by local charities and organizations for sponsorships and donations for a variety of events. Occasionally we even develop our own fundraisers to support a worthy person or organization. We are so fortunate to have

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Six Awesome, Surprising Toothpaste Uses Thumbnail

Six Awesome, Surprising Toothpaste Uses

WE USE IT DAILY TO CLEAN our teeth, but did you know there are many other everyday uses...

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